Our bodies are our gardens—our wills are our gardeners.
William Shakespeare

  • After a busy day of various activities and seeing the local sights, it feels good to relax indoors. In our hotel you can enjoy the warmth of a traditional Finnish sauna, common or private, all year round.
    At some point it´s nice to cool off of the heat, maybe take a swim in our swimming pool or go to the mini winter spa. In our mini winter spa we have three wooden jacuzzis where you can try either the cold jacuzzi or the hot bubble pool.

    Treat yourself with our peaceful and relaxing wellness facilities and beauty services:

    • 3 saunas
    • swimming pool, temperature approx. 20 celcius
    • relaxing room with fireplace
    • mini winter spa with 3 wooden jacuzzis
    • playroom for children

    Chill Room

    Mini Winter Spa

    Swimming Pool




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